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Recipient Spokespeople

Cami is a healthy child today thanks to blood donors like you. Born with a rare blood disorder, she required eight blood transfusions before her first birthday. Cami may need others as she grows. Says Cami's mother, Amy: "We are eternally grateful to have had blood available every time Cami needed it."


Oliver was due in October, but was delivered four months early when doctor’s determined he was not gaining enough weight. He received his first transfusion when he was only hours old and 19 transfusions before his first birthday. His parents say “The transfusions gave him the time he needed to grow enough and gain enough strength to survive.”



At only four and a half, Jonathan was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Throughout his treatment, he received multiple transfusions and today remains cancer free. His father Frank says of blood donation: “It truly does save a life.”


Only 9 years old, Max suffered major injuries when he crashed into a dock while tubing behind a boat. Max wouldn’t have survived that first night without blood transfusions. Max’s mom April says she often thinks about “the people who I don’t know, who sat in the chair and donated blood. And he’s here today.”

Officer Dave Erskine

While on duty one day as a motorcycle cop, APD Training Officer Dave Erskine sustained severe injuries to both legs and required a significant amount of blood, undergoing more than 8 surgeries. Although doctors could not save his foot and had to reconstruct one knee, after physical therapy and the use of a prosthetic foot, Dave is now working as an APD Training Officer at the Police Academy’s firing range. “Blood donation saved my life. Thank you.”


Meet Kaleb. Kaleb was only two years old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. During his initial treatment, Kaleb received blood every couple of weeks and still receives transfusions as needed. Kaleb’s mother Valerie says of Central Texas blood donors: “Kaleb’s life truly is in their hands.”

Wally Tallent

Wally is here today thanks to the National Marrow Donor Program and blood and platelet transfusions supplied by donors like you. After being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, he underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy before receiving a bone marrow transplant. "It was a real miracle finding a matching marrow donor," Wally says.


At age 11, Patrick was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. During Patrick’s treatment his parents estimated that he received 80 units of blood. Following a marrow transplant, in which his younger brother Daniel was the donor, Patrick made a full recovery.

Battalion Chief John Butz

Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief John Butz's recovery is proof that saving lives by donating blood is in the hands of people like you. After being severely burned he needed 23 units of blood during the first three weeks of recovery alone. Donate once a quarter to help ensure that life-sustaining blood is available.


Morgan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at age two. Her parents, Laurie and Tony, estimated that Morgan used 25 units of red blood cells and platelets during the first six months of treatment. Says Laurie: "We are so profoundly grateful for Central Texas blood donors." Save lives, donate once a quarter.

Donor Spokespeople
Enedelia Obregon

A 35+ gallon donor, Enedelia Obregon has saved many lives through her devotion to blood donation. Enedelia first remembers her mother donating blood when she was young and when her mother required a quadruple bypass in 1985, Enedelia “really discovered the need.” When she moved to Austin over 20 years ago, Enedelia became a regular donor. Enedelia says of blood donation: “It’s just so important.”

Dan Vasquez

As a youth mentor and an active participant in several service organizations, Dan Vasquez is committed to doing good in his community. One way he does so is through frequent blood donations. Dan and you hold the key to saving lives in your community. One blood donation can save up to two lives.

Tommie Purnell

Tommie is a Master Sergeant - and a master donor. As a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, he has dedicated himself not only to increasing available blood supplies, but also to increasing awareness of the need for donation throughout the African American community having personally donated over 10 gallons.


Alyson Gonzales

Alyson made a life commitment – and a difference. As a service volunteer, Alyson took a leading role in organizing her school blood drives. Her grandfather, who began donating after the Korean War, motivated her to put in countless hours, saving countless lives.


Erin Cococcia

Erin knows now that critical conditions call for critical action. After undergoing an emergency blood transfusion, Erin’s mother began hemorrhaging, requiring several units of blood to survive. Erin realized her mother would not be here without blood donors, and she swore to faithfully donate for life.


James Haecker

James learned that you’re never too young to save a life. As a young boy, he watched his grandmother battle leukemia, leaving her in constant need of blood. Coming so close to losing a family member inspired James to help spearhead his school’s blood drives and educate others about donating blood.


Roger Ibarra

“Like father, like son” rings especially true for Roger. His father has donated close to 40 gallons, inspiring Roger to become a lifetime donor himself. When his sister was injured in a car accident, the blood she needed was there, keeping Roger coming back time and time again to donate.


Randy Martin

Randy’s rare blood type led to a rare miracle. Randy was called in to donate blood for a baby who was almost out of options. His donation resulted in a happy ending for a family whose newborn received Randy’s blood just in time. That day, Randy wasn’t just a donor; he was a hero.


Staff Spokespeople


The Blood Center phlebotomists are experts in their field. They provide donors with the opportunity to save lives every day. "After a while you get to know some of the donors really well," says Kelly. Anyone who is in good health, is at least 17, and weighs at least 115 pounds may donate whole blood every 56 days.

Mobile Team Staff

The mobile team staff serve ten counties in Central Texas. They have the tools and training to bring a blood drive to your business, school, or church. "I enjoy the diversity of the job and getting to meet so many donors," says Maridee. Blood Center staff will work with you to make your blood drive a success.